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BMJ Case Reports is a repository of evidence regarding global health and the social determinants of health. Our global health case reports can be used for education and to improve clinical practice around the world. Our goal is to facilitate the teaching and learning of global health based on real patients. No one is a better advocate for your patients than you and we hope our curriculum helps you tackle that responsibility effectively.
Please share these resources in the global health community. The best advocates for patients are those closest to them. Please also visit our blog for the latest updates on BMJ Case Reports in global health.

Educational Curriculum

The Global Health Case Discussion Tool This online course is centered on six global health cases that can be downloaded for learning. Each comes with questions and answers. The collection is suitable for students and practitioners in all the fields that intersect with global health. In these cases, you will see how the study of global health based on individual patients effectively covers a multitude of curricular items.
The Global Health Slides To make the most of the cases above, we encourage you to also download our online global health course. This course comprises 6 units and may be used individually or in teaching a class. Each unit is focused on a lesson that can be taught by a teacher or facilitated by a group of learners. All the slides are free to download and reference real cases written up as BMJ Case Reports Global Health articles.

Writing a global health case report

Help with research We have developed a field journal form and a family health needs assessment to aid your Global Health research.
Help with writing Our Information for Authors section includes advice as well as our required submission form templates.