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Authors wishing to submit a case report reporting adverse drug reactions and complications, novel treatment including a new drug/ lifestyle/treatment intervention or the use of an established drug or procedure in a new situation are advised to contact the Editor in Chief with a presubmission enquiry at eic.bmjcases@bmj.com prior to taking out a fellowship. We do not publish case reports that assess the efficacy or effectiveness of interventions. This includes case reports of patients enrolled in phase II trials.

Institutional Fellowships

BMJ offers Institutional Fellowships, giving all faculty, staff and students within your institution the freedom to submit as many cases as they like as well as access to and reuse of all the published material.

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Benefits for Fellows:

  • Submit as many case reports as they like
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  • Gain international recognition and publicity for their cases
  • Search and browse thousands of published case reports from all over the globe
  • Learn from common and rare real-world clinical scenarios
  • Reuse material personally and for teaching
  • Rate cases, and comment on cases through letters and blogs

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