Spotlight on Pathology

Over the next 2 months we will shine a light on some interesting pathology case reports that have been published over the years. Each week we'll be showcasing an article together with a link to some questions and answers to help you in your education. 

Case 1: Dual pathology of the submandibular gland: plasmacytoma and pleomorphic adenoma


First, read Challenges of treating incidental synchronous bilateral breast cancer with differing tumour biology

Next, consider the following questions: 

- What are pleomorphic adenomas also known as, and what is the reason for this?

- Why is enucleation not a recommended treatment for pleomorphic adenomas within the parotid gland?

- This case presents a patient with an extramedullary plasmacytoma within the parotid gland. Comment on the prognosis, with respect to this finding.

Learn the answers here


Educational Q&A section

Read the following article then answer the questions below

In trauma, expect the unexpected: a rare case of post-traumatic pancreatitis associated with salmonellosis and enterocolitis

  1. - what is acute pancreatitis?
  2. - what defining features of acute pancreatitis should you be thinking about?
  3. - List the causes of pancreatitis in the order of prevalence
  4. - Which investigations do you need to perform?
  5. - How will you manage this patient? 
  6. - What complications of acute pancreatitis could the patient develop?