Table 1

Summary of literature discussing sphenoid sinus cholesterol granulomas

Author/sAge (years)SexPresenting symptomsErosion of a sphenoid sinus wall?Resolution of symptoms after surgery?
Chen and Wang150MHeadache, tinnitus, nasal obstruction, nasal dischargeYes, lateralYes
Hwang et al356MOptic neuropathyYes, lateral and anteriorYes
Ahmed et al448MOptic neuropathyYesNot specified
Pehere et al546FOptic neuropathy, headacheNoYes
Weiland and Aygun672MNoneYes, inferiorly and laterallyRemained asymptomatic
Kang et al778MFacial pain, headache and toothacheYes, lateral wallNot specified
Pou et al830MVisual changes, gait instability, headache and nasal congestionYes, lateral wallYes
Kim et al967MSyncopeCase 1. Yes, only partialYes
49Not specifiedVisual changes, headacheCase 2. Yes, posterior wall and roofYes