Table 1

Progress in total score (points) of various functional indices

At admissioncPTcPTAfter
cPTAt discharge
Days after admission (hospital day)0306090120150180
ASIA impairment scaleAAACCCC
ASIA Motor Score (upper limbs)50505050505050
ASIA Motor Score (lower limbs)00217202424
ASIA Sensory Score (light touch)72727478767770
ASIA Sensory Score (pin prick)72727472777778
ASIA neurological level of injuryT9T9T9T8T8T8T8
FIM motor item23404041455357
Total walking distance per day (mean)0 m40 m100 m120 m120 m600 m600 m
Walkable distance0 m10 m20 m60 m100 m150 m150 m
  • ASIA, American Spinal Injury Association; B-SES, belt electrode skeletal muscle electrical stimulation; cPT, conventional physical therapy; FACT, functional assessment for control of trunk; FIM, functional independence measure; T8, eighth thoracic vertebra; T9, ninth thoracic vertebra; VR, virtual reality.