Table 1

Blood Investigations done on admission and day 5 and day 20

InvestigationsReference rangeDay 1Day 5Day 20
D-dimer0.0–243 ng/mL422254168
Interleukin 60.0–15.5 pg/mL12.212.612.0
C reactive protein<5.0 mg/L11220689
Serum creatinine0.5–1.2 mg/dL1.50.730.84
Alanine aminotransferase0–33 U/L249368
Aspartate aminotransferase5–32 U/L285637
White cell count4.8–11.0x109/L32.326.017.0
Lactate dehydrogenase135–214 U/L1150756584
Triglycerides<150 g/dL145443276
High Density Lipoprotien (HDL)<65 mg/dL342356
Cholesterol<200 mg/dL198254222