Table 2

Checklist for reporting of vaping-related pneumothorax

Body habitusDyspnoea
Lung diseasePleuritic chest pain
Medical conditionsType of pain
Infectious diseaseSweats, fever, chills
Familiy history of lung diseaseStrain on thorax
Heavy lifting
Substances used, for example, cannabis
Nicotine and cannabis serum concentrations, urine toxicologyRadiology
E-cigarette/vaping deviceLung injury pattern
Device nameCT thorax scan
Device setting (tank size, filling, flavouring, reusable etc., any technical information)Chest X-ray
Propylen glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio of e-liquid used
Nicotine concentration, mg/mLPathology
Atomiser, cartomiser, clearomiserCytology
Electronic settings of deviceHistology†
Preferred coil resistance/ΩBlood results
Referred heating power/WImmunology results
Coil materialLung function tests
Patient perceived power output level safe/hot/extremly hot
Conventional smokingIntervention
Smoking e-cigarette/vapingHF nasal canula
Smoking and vaping/dual userMechanical ventilation
Pack years conventional cigaretteECMO
Joint years*Bronchoscopy
Duration of e-cigarette or vaping/yearsBronchial lavage
Inhalation habits (eg, dripping; MTL, DTL)Corticosteroids
Puff volume/mLTransbro. biopsy
Puff duration/sOpen lung biopsy
Frequency of daily useLevel of care
Measure of vaping patterns with research deviceChest tube
Measuring air flow rate with vaping deviceVATS
Psychometric testingDays on ICU
dSRH‡, EMCDDA questionnaireDays on ventilator
Days on ECMO
Follow-upFinal diagnosis
Recurrent pneumothorax
Effect of counselling
  • Items reported by review authors.

  • *Joint-year exposure (equivalent to one joint per day for 1 year), MTL—mouth to lung, DTL—direct to lung, Dripping—a vaping technique where e-liquid is directly dripped onto the coil to produce vapour, instead of the e-liquid coming from the e-liquid tank (needs experience of vaper).42

  • †Consider searching for lipid-laden macrophages and red oil O staining in histology similar to pathology reports from EVALI cases.

  • ‡dSRHI, Self-Reported Habit Index using a validated German version;41 43 EMCDDA, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Measurement of vaping patterns and air flow rate can be realised using the CReSS pocket device from Borgwaldt Körber Solutions Hamburg (clinical research support system). This is a portable and autonomous battery-operated device that automatically measures smoking behaviour parameters or characteristics including date, time, start and end of smoking, puffs per cigarette, puff volume and puff duration.

  • BMI, body mass index; EVALI, E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury; HF, high flow; ICU, intensive care unit; VATS, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery.