Table 1

Selected motor nerve conduction studies

Motor nerve
DML (ms)Amplitude (mV)Minimum ‘F’ wave latency (ms)Conduction velocity (m/s)
L facial (nasalis)––2
R facial (nasalis)4.584.281.01.7
R median (Abductor pollicis brevis)5.384.292.5–3.77.511.0≥537.035.026–3144.4 (forearm)41.7 (forearm)≥50
L ulnar (Abductor digiti minimi)–≥537.037.227–3138.0
R tibial (Abductor hallucis)–≥378.156.848–56
L common peroneal (Extensor digitorum brevis)6.995.253.8–≥270.955.647–5531.0
  • C1 refers to case 1 studies done 2 weeks after the onset of symptoms, C2 refers to case 2 studies 10 days after the onset of symptoms. There were neither conduction blocks nor temporal dispersions.

  • NR, normal range.