Table 1

Summary of features from previous case reports of paediatric haemothorax presentations

ReferenceBowes13Kara et al14Obitko-Pludowska et al15Obitko-Pludowska et al15Obitko-Pludowska et al15
Age19 years3 years14 years3 years15 years
DiagnosisVWDGlanzmann’s thrombastheniaType 3 VWDSevere haemophilia ASevere haemophilia A
PresentationSpontaneous haemothoraxSpontaneous haemothoraxRight pleuropneumonia and epistaxisRight pleuropneumoniaPleural effusion, likely empyema
ManagementThoracotomy, blood transfusion, fresh frozen plasma, aminocaproic acid and cryoprecipitateThoracentesis and multiple platelet transfusionsAntibiotics and factor VIII replacement (Humate-P)Thoracentesis, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and decortication, and factor VIII administrationThoracentesis and FEIBA (factor VIII inhibitor) infusions
  • VWD, von Willebrand disease.