Table 1

Haemodynamic studies of the case

Aorta s/d/m162/106/130mm Hg
Pulmonary capillary wedge
6/1/3mm Hg
PA s/d/m21/10/14mm Hg
Right ventricle systolic/diastolic/EDP26/6/10mm Hg
Right atrium a
9/8/7mm Hg
Heart rate71beats/min
Cardiac output (Fick)7.15L/min
Cardiac index (Fick)3.97L/min/㎡
  • The estimated systemic-to-pulmonary flow ratio is 1.18. The pulmonary artery pressure is within the normal range.

  • *Pulmonary blood flow/systemic blood flow ratio.

  • EDP, end-diastolic pressure; PA, pulmonary artery; s/d/m, systolic/diastolic/mean.