Table 2

Results of relevant dementia cognition, global stage, quality of life and activities of daily living scores over 6 months

Assessment month endMMSECDRGDSFASTQoL-AD
BarthelNPI severityNPI distress
Sept 201918256.2471985
Oct 201917256.24233851825
Nov 201918256.24235851731
Jan 202013266.64532751115
Feb 202016266.64530801716
Mar–Nov 2020No further in-person assessments
  • MMSE scored out of 30.71 72

  • CDR scale ratings: 0=normal; 0.5=very mild; 1=mild; 2=moderate; 3=severe.73

  • GDS staging levels: 1=no cognitive decline; 2=very mild cognitive decline; 3=mild cognitive decline; 4=moderate cognitive decline; 5=moderately severe cognitive decline; 6=severe cognitive decline; 7=very severe cognitive decline. FAST levels: 1=normal adult; 2=normal older adult; 3=early AD; 4=mild AD; 5=moderate AD; 6=moderately severe AD; 7=severe AD.74 75

  • Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living scale (Barthel’s): out of 100.76

  • NPI maximum score 36 for severity and 60 for caregiver distress.77

  • QoL-AD scale with a maximum score of 52.78

  • .AD, Alzheimer's disease; CDR, Clinical Dementia Rating; FAST, Functional Assessment Staging; GDS, Global Deterioration Scale; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; NPI, Neuropsychiatric Inventory; QoL-AD, Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease.