Table 1

Admission laboratory values and normal ranges for the described case (SI units)

Patient value on admissionNormal range
Complete blood count, initial
White blood cell count, ×109/L13.784.5–11.0
Lymphocyte count, ×109/L0.741.0–4.8
Haemoglobin, g/L103120–160
Platelets, ×109/L562150–400
Chemistries, cardiac markers
Creatinine, μmol/L56.4250–110
Creatine kinase, μkat/L0.620.67–2.51
Albumin, g/dL3833–50
High-sensitivity troponin-T, initial, ng/L<6<6
High-sensitivity troponin-T, subsequent, ng/L<6<6
N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, ng/L12370–100
Inflammatory, coagulation markers
Ferritin, μg/L14610–200
Procalcitonin, μg/L0.100.00–0.08
C reactive protein, mg/L295.7<8.0
Lactate dehydrogenase, μkat/L7.981–1.67
D-dimer, μg/L8264<500
Fibrinogen, g/L6.821.5–4.0
Prothrombin time, s15.511.5–14.5
Activated partial thromboplastin time, s23.722.0–36.0
Interleukin-6, pg/mL30.6≤1.8