Table 1

Functional outcome measures during rehabilitation stay

Chair Stand TestTUG test with FWWTUG test without assistive deviceGait speed (15 feet)6MWTHeart rate after ambulationOxygen saturation after ambulation (%)Incentive spirometer volume (cc)
Day 1Eight with hands pushing up from armrests35.30 s17.20 s0.44 m/s with FWW150 feet with FWW13088250–500
Day 5Six with hands pushing up from armrests28.15 s12.50 s0.62 m/s with FWW722.4 feet with rollator10594500–750
Day 10Eleven with hands pushing up from armrestsNot tested10.16 s1.04 m/s with rollator967.4 feet with rollator99981000–1250
  • FWW, front wheel walker; 6MWT, 6 min Walk Test; TUG, Timed Up & Go.