Table 2

Case reports of neurofibromatosis type 1 patients with coexistent pheochromocytoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumour

Patient sex, age (years)Pheochromocytoma location (size)GIST location (size)Presenting symptomsReference
Male, 58Right adrenal gland (4×4 cm)Multiple GIST at proximal duodenum and jejunum (5–7 mm)Hypertension, dyspepsia16
Male, 56Left adrenal gland (7×7.7×8.9 cm)Small intestine (1.3×1.3×1 cm)Hypertension, abdominal pain17
Female, 26Right adrenal gland (6.5×6.5×2.5 cm)Jejunum (2–2.5 cm)Paroxysmal hypertension, asymptomatic GIST18
Male, 47Bilateral adrenal gland (left 7 cm, right 2 cm)Meckel’s diverticulumAsymptomatic19
Male, 50Bilateral adrenal gland (left 3.5 cm, right 4.5 cm)JejunumHypertension, abdominal pain19
Male, 43Right adrenal gland (5.5 cm)Small intestineAsymptomatic19
Female, 63Left adrenal gland (5 cm)Ileum (6.5 cm)Paroxysmal hypertension, asymptomatic GIST20
Male, 53N/AN/AN/A21
Female, 60Left adrenal gland (3 cm)Small intestine (5–20 mm)Paroxysmal hypertension, asymptomatic GIST22
Female, 67Bilateral adrenal glandDescending colon (3 cm)Hypertension, asymptomatic GIST22
Male, 48Bilateral adrenal glandN/AParoxysmal hypertension23
Female, 56Right adrenal gland (8×8×6 cm)Duodenum (3 cm)Hypertension, asymptomatic GIST24
Female, 61Left adrenal glandDuodenum (3 cm)Hypertension, asymptomatic GIST25
Male, 48Right adrenal gland (2.2 cm)Duodenum (4 cm)Hypertension,
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Female, 59Left adrenal glandStomach and small intestineN/A27
  • GIST, gastrointestinal stromal tumour.