Table 1

Largest giant lipomas in French/English-language literature (>10 cm and >1000 g)

ReferenceYearLocalisationPathologySize (cm)/weight (kg)
Current case2017GlutealUnknown30×60/20
Emegoakor et al 10 2017Lower limbUnknown22×17/??
Mascarenhas et al 11 2017GlutealLiposarcoma17/??
Guler et al 12  13 2016BackUnknown38×22×21/3.575
Grimaldi et al 14 2015BackLipoma36×40×24/5.75
Dabloun et al 15 2015BackUnknown25×25×18/??
Silistreli et al 16 2004BackUnknown??/12.350
Martin et al 17 1928NeckUnknown??/12.5
Brandler et al 18 1894BackUnknown??/22.7
  • ? represents that others authors did not provide a number for this specific information.