Table 2

Patient medication list and baseline echocardiographic measurements

Aspirin 81 milligram (mg) chewable tabletOne tablet daily
Carvedilol (COREG) 12.5 m i l l i g r a m tabletTake one tablet (two) times daily.
Gabapentin (NEURONTIN) 300 mgGabapentin 300 mg two times daily.
Insulin Glargine LANTUS 100 U/mLInject 42 Units into the skin nightly.
Magnesium oxide (MAG-OX)Take one tablet (400 mg total) daily.
Metformin 1000 mgTake one tablet (two) times daily.
Sacubitril-Valsartan (ENTRESTO) 24–26Take one tablet (two) times daily.
Simvastatin (ZOCOR) 10 mgTake one tablet nightly.
Sitagliptin (JANUVIA) 100 mgTake one tablet daily.
Spironolactone (ALDACTONE) 25 mgTake one tablet daily.
Measurements 2D echo
Interventricular Septum diastolic thickness1.1 cmLeft Ventricular outflow diameter2.0 cm
Left ventricular Posterior Wall diastolic thickness1.1 cmLeft Atrial volume index48.9 mL/m2
Left Atrial systolic diameter5.0 cmejection fraction22.8%
Left Ventricular diastolic diameter6.7 cm
Left Ventricular systolic diameter5.6 cm