Table 1

Demographics of reported cases of unilateral synovial cysts of the temporomandibular joint

GenderPresenting complaintDurationImagingTreatment
Janecka and Conley1 50MSwelling6 monthsNoneSurgical
Kinklead2 31FSwelling and pain4 monthsX-raySurgical
Reychler et al 3 30FSwelling2 weeksX-raySurgical
Bonacci et al 4 46MSwelling and pain10 monthsMRI, ultrasoundArthroscopy
Chang et al 5 38MSwelling and pain2 weeksCTSurgical
Chen et al 6 58MSwellingFew monthsCTSurgical
Goudot et al 7 65MReduced mouth opening1 yearMRI, CTSurgical
Lomeo et al 8 47FSwelling and pain1 yearCTSurgical
Moatemri et al 9 30MSwelling and pain1 yearCTSurgical
Neis et al 11 57MEar pain and aural fullnessUnknownCT, MRISurgical
Yang et al 12 58FSwelling, pain2 monthsCTSurgical
Spinzia et al 10 45FSwelling and pain1 yearCTSurgical
Okochi et al 13 31MSwelling and pain5 yearMRINone
Okochi et al 13 20FPain5 yearMRINone
Vera-Sierra et al 14 56FSwelling and pain6 monthsCTSurgical
Ansari et al 15 63FPainFew monthsMRISurgical
Steen et al 16 48FSwelling and painFew monthsNoneSurgical
Verma et al 17 33FSwelling and pain1 yearCT, MRISurgical
LaBan et al 18 66MNumb lip and chin4 daysCT, MRISurgical
Partridge et al 19 nine patientsUnknownUnknownUnknownSurgical
El-Habbash et al 20 56FSwelling and painUnknownMRISurgical