Table 1

Publications on mesenchymal chondrosarcoma (MC) of the pancreas

AuthorYear of publicationGenderAgeLocationSizePathological findingsTreatmentOutcome
YearsHead/corpus/tailcmSecondary/primary MCMonth of survival after surgery
Byun et al 15 1995Female36Tail7,7×4,3SecondaryDistal pancreatectomy, CTNR
Komatsu et al 16 1999Female28Tail5,5SecondaryDistal pancreatectomyNR
Yamamoto et al 17 2001Male29Corpus, HeadNRSecondaryEnucleation (pancreas head)
Distal pancreatectomy
Yamamoto et al 17 2001Female40HeadNRSecondarypylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy>72
Naumann et al 18 2002Female24NRNRSecondaryRT, CT>84*
Trembath et al 19 2003Female27NR9,5SecondaryCT, partial pancreatectomyNR
Chatzipantelis et al 20 2006Male26Tail3,8×3,5SecondaryDistal pancreatectomyNR
Oh et al 21 2007Male41Corpus, Tail13×12 x7PrimaryEnucleationNR
Bu and Dai22 2010Female34Corpus, Tail18×16PrimarySurgical resection of pancreas body and tail>52
Tsukamoto et al 23 2014Male39Corpus, Tail5×6SecondaryDistal pancreatectomy, CT34
Guo et al 24 2015Male40Corpus2×3×2SecondaryDistal pancreatectomy>108
Smith et al 7 2015Female44CorpusNRSecondaryDistal pancreatectomy, CT>24
Cohen et al 14 2016Female32Tail2,9SecondaryLaparoscopic distal pancreatectomy, CT15
Cohen et al 14 2016Female38Tail9,5UnknownDistal pancreatectomy,  systemic neoadjuvant CT40
  • *Month of survival after diagnosis of MC.

  • CT, chemotherapy; MC, mesenchymal chondrosarcoma; NR, not recorded; RT, radiotherapy.