Table 1

Syndrome severity and frequency scores before and after 1 year of immunotherapy and 2 weeks of antibiotic therapy

Severity scoreFrequency score
POTS symptoms
 Orthostatic lightheadedness0
 Difficulty passing stool100100
 Early satiety100100
 Problems sleeping100100
 Visual sensitivity to light100100
 Abdominal pain*101101
 Dry mouth101101
 Nocturnal urination (>1×)101102
 Whole body pain101102
 Frequent daytime urination101104
 Leg pain102104
 Extremities change colour103105
 Sensitivity to heat and odour103105
 Fatigue* 10090
 Orthostatic tachycardia10090
 Numbness and tingling10394
 Facial flushing*10080
 Hand pain80100
 Blurred vision8080
 Joint pain8080
 Muscular weakness8080
 Shortness of breath*8070
 Dry eyes6080
 Brain fog*4080
MCAS symptoms
 Constipation (<3/week)*100100
 Lightheaded (any position)100100
 Abdominal pain*101101
 Pressure-induced swelling102105
 Heat intolerance103105
 Sudden palpitations10070
 Shortness of breath*8070
 Environmental allergies7181
 Panic attacks7040
 Muscle pain*60100
 Chest pain6040
 Poor healing5040
 Brain fog*4080
 SIBO symptoms
 Abdominal pain*101101
 Foul and excessive flatus101101
 Constipation (<3/week)*80100
  • *Symptoms that are shared by other syndromes.

  • MCAS, mast cell activation syndrome; POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome; SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.