Table 1

Published cases and radiological findings of primary MALT lymphoma of the gallbladder

NoAgeSexSymptomsStoneRadiological findingsTreatmentPrognosisReference
180MNoFairly nodular proliferationDeath from other causesPelstring et al5
260FRUQ pain, fever, nausea and vomitingYesDistended and thinCholecystectomyNED at 6 monthsMosnier et al6
375FRUQ pain, nausea and vomitingYesMassCholecystectomyNED at 12 monthsMcCluggage et al7
482MJaundice and abdominal painYesWall thickeningCholecystectomyDeath from other causesAbe et al8
574FRUQ pain and nauseaYesBickel et al9
658FAbdominal painNoPolypoid lesionsCholecystectomyNED at 24 monthsTsuchiya et al10
765FRUQ painNoNo particularCholecystectomy
NED at 96 months
(recurrence in stomach)
Chim et al11
831FRUQ painNoWall thickeningCholecystectomy-Rajesh et al12
960FAbnormal liver function testsYesCholecystectomyNED at 3 monthsNg et al13
1051FRUQ painYesCholecystectomyNED at 2 monthsKoshy et al2
1175FRUQ painYesWall thickeningCholecystectomyNED at 16 monthsBisig et al4
1278MNothingNoPolypoid lesionCholecystectomyNED at 3 monthsGardini et al14
1374MYesMani et al15
1484FNoMani et al15
1565FRUQ pain and nauseaYesPolypoid lesionCholecystectomyNED at 3 monthsBagwan et al16
1673MAbdominal pain distensionYesWall thickeningLaparoscopic cholecystectomyNED at 12 monthsMitra et al17
1780MRUQ painYesMassCholecystectomyNED at 39 monthsPresent case
  • F, female; M, male; MALT, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; NED, no evidence of disease; RUQ, right upper quadrant.