TableĀ 2

Results of histopathological and genetics analysis released during the study

Bone marrow biopsyAnatomopathological examination: 3 haematopoietic lines were observed. The erythroid line was increased with normoblasts and megakaryocytic line with many dysmorphic elements. No changes to granulocytic line. Without malignancy characteristics.
Immunophenotyping: without changes.
Axillary lymph node excisional biopsyAnatomopathological examination: preservation of lymph node architecture and reactive character changes without malignancy characteristics;
Acid-alcohol resistant bacillus: negative;
Mycobacteriology cultures: negative;
Immunophenotyping: without changes.
Fas gene detectionMutations not detected, but the method used does not exclude mutations outside the FAS gene regions analysed or not detectable by sequencing. Unrealised searching for deletions or duplications in the FAS gene and sequencing of FASL or CASP10 genes.