Table 1

25 reported cases of secondary intussusceptions caused by primary lung malignancies.

AuthorPublished yearAgeSexCancer cell typeTumour stage at initial diagnosisOther metastasis sitesTime interval from initial diagnosis to intussusceptionTime interval from intussusception to death
Katz et al16198168MGiant cell carcinoma4Liver, supraclavicular lymph node1.6 monthsNS
Listrom et al17198863MSquamous cell carcinoma, spindle cell type4Left adrenal glandSimultaneouslyNS
Eng and Sabanathan18199260MCarcinosarcoma2BBrain18 months6 months
Issa and Mullen19199261MAdenocarcinoma, large cell type4Left 4th rib1 month1 month
Testini et al20200244MMalignant melanoma4BrainSimultaneously12 months (still alive)
Yang et al21200657MSmall cell carcinoma4Brain, ascite2 months3 months
Alvarez et al22200650MBig cell carcinoma4VertebraNS (but metachronous)NS
Goh et al23200757MPleomorphic associated with adenocarcinomaNSPara-aortic lymph node, liver3 months7 months
40MLarge cell carcinomaNSBrain, bone4 months5 months
69MLarge cell carcinomaNSBone, liver, cervical lymph node6 months9 months
Kagohashi et al9200759MLarge cell carcinoma4NoneSimultaneously6 months
Pollheimer et al13200965FPleomorphic carcinoma4NSSimultaneouslyNS
Chiu et al24200987MPoorly differentiated adenocarcinomaNSGingivaSimultaneously2.7 months
Shi et al14200961MPleomorphic sarcomatoid carcinoma4Right adrenal gland, liver, brain17 months4 months
Kini et al25201078MAdenocarcinomaNSNone7 months5 months (still alive)
Otera et al10201063MLarge cell carcinoma4NoneSimultaneously0.9 months
Lee et al26201074MPoorly differentiated adenocarcinoma4NoneSimultaneouslyNS
Rashid et al27201157MPleomorphic carcinoma4NoneSimultaneously3 months
Jarmin et al11201275MSmall cell carcinoma4NoneSimultaneouslyNS
Guner et al28201271MSarcomatoid carcinoma3ANone12 months9 months
Wou et al15201377FNon-small cell carcinoma4NSAlmost simultaneously2 months
Lin et al29201478MPleomorphic carcinoma4NoneSimultaneously3 months
Jung et al30201463MPleomorphic carcinoma3ABone, mediastinal lymph node5 monthsNS
Mandeville et al12201549FGiant cell carcinoma4Vertebra, cervical lymph node, brainSimultaneously6 months
Present case201555FGiant cell carcinoma4None1 month11 months (still alive)
  • NS, not stated.