Table 1

Summary of the treatment offered to the patient with indications and outcome

No.YearSurgical procedureIndicationOutcome
11990L1-3 laminectomy with exenteration of cyst in the conus medullarisRecurrent UTI and bladder disturbance (enuresis)1. Loss of bladder sphincter control
2. Left-sided foot drop
3. Bilateral thigh and buttock anaesthesia
4. Bilateral lower limb weakness
21995Re-exploration of conus medullaris with radical evacuation of cystLower back pain radiating to left hipPain free for 4.5 years
32000Reopening of previous surgical incision and further evacuation of cystLower back painNil new
42004Re-exploration of lumbar wound and complete debulking of intramedullary cyst (pseudomeningocoele formation to allow herniation of cyst contents)Persistent left hip and groin painChemical meningitis and increasing back pain
52004Decompression revision with reopening and evacuation of contents 3 weeks post opIncreasing lower back pain with urinary retentionPersistence of pain but less severe
62009Reopening of wound, further evacuation of cystWorsening pain and sensory disturbance affecting right leg also1. Pain resolved
2. Persistent neuropathic pain in both legs
3. Weakness left knee extension
72011L1/L2 re-exploration and debulking of intramedullary epidermoid cystIncreasing dysmobility due to back pain, lower limb weakness and dysaesthesia leading to poor balanceLower back pain still present post op but less severe
  • UTI, urinary tract infection.