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  • Response to case report; cephalad migration of externally powered spinal cord stimulator.

    Sirs, As a neuromodulator and instructor with extensive (30 year) experience with both "wired " and "wireless " systems, I feel compelled to repond to the conclusions of the cited case report.

    While the authors mention lead migration as an known complication of spinal cord stimulation, it is useful to consider that Cameron (1) cited 361 lead migration events in 2753 patients , a 13.2% incidence. Anderson (2) , i...

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  • Re:Case report should be withdrawn
    Abbas Zaidi

    Thankyou to Professor Bewley and colleagues for their comments.

    We agree with many of the concerns raised and want to point out it is essential to read and interpret this article for what it is - a case report. As has been rightly pointed out, it is therefore only anecdotal and is the lowest grade quality of evidence.

    Our intention in writing this article is merely to point out a temporal association...

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  • Bleach is not sodium hydroxide
    William Hoffman

    I have seen now that a correction was asserted. It is not satisfactory on its face for two reasons.

    The first is that my criticism of the report was not acknowledged for pointing out that the original claim was of swallowing a bleach tablet, which meant that treatment could be understood as inappropriate or inadequate.

    The second is that a "correction" that ascribed the problem as that the patient ing...

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  • Response to e-letter
    Partha P. Chakraborty

    We sincerely thank the technical product manager of ACCU-CHEK Performa (Roche) for going through our article entitled 'Erroneously elevated glucose values due to maltose interference in mutant GDH-PQQ based glucometer, Chakraborty PP, et al. BMJ Case Rep 2017. doi:10.1136/bcr-2017-219928 with interest. We provide our response to the issues raised by our learned colleague.

    Regarding the removal of maltose-contai...

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  • Case report should be withdrawn
    Susan Bewley

    Dear Editor


    Case report should be withdrawn

    HealthWatch UK is a charity that promotes ‘science and integrity in medicine’, values we might all expect to be shared by the BMJ and all its subsidiary journals. Accordingly, we ask you to think again about the Publishing Executive’s response (1) to the e-letter submitted by our colleague Les Rose (2) regarding a report by Zaidi et al. (3) about curcum...

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  • The importance of proper hygiene in self-monitoring of blood glucose
    Sami Wardat

    Authors: Sami Wardat, PhD, MBA(1), Oliver Hauss, PhD(2), and Rolf Hinzmann, MD, PhD(1)

    Dear Editor,

    Partha Pratim Chakraborty and Shinjan Patra recently reported on a potential risk for patients welfare from maltose interference with glucose measurements in their case report Erroneously elevated glucose values due to maltose interference in mutant GDH-PQQ based gluco...

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  • Response to eletter
    Aakash Pandita

    Vishal Gupta 1 , Aakash Pandita 2

    1. Neonatology, Max Hospital, New Delhi, India.

    2. SGPGI, Lucknow, U.P, India

    We thank the reader for appreciating our work. The said patient was worked up for ARC syndrome and mutational analysis was done from outside as the primary care center does not have these facilities. The patient got the genetic analysis done from outside laboratory and came with the f...

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  • Arthrogryposis, renal dysfunction and cholestasis (ARC) syndrome: a rare association with high GGT level and absent kidney.
    Paul Gissen

    Dear Sir/Madam This is a potentially interesting report suggesting unusual features such as high GGT and absent kidney present in a clinically diagnosed case of ARC syndrome. Whilst this finding might be of interest to Paediatricians and Neonatologists, the author do not provide any evidence that their diagnosis is factually correct. They write that the VPS33B sequencing was suggestive of a mutation but no report of the...

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  • Bleach is not sodium hydroxide
    William Hoffman

    The article starts as a report of ingestion of sodium hydroxide tablet and all but one reference within it is to sodium hydroxide.

    The single reference to bleach is the reason for my letter. It is not clear to me that anyone would have large tablets of sodium hydroxide (usu prilled pellets are <<1g), and I confess that solid bleach tablets are not an item I have used. I presume such would be to sanitize a...

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  • Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids
    Randolph W Lievertz, MD

    Was the substance that this patient was found with sent to an analytic organic chemist to identify the specific chemical moeties present? Synthesis of cannabinoids can result in a product that has radically different pharmacologic properties than the desired compound. The classic example is Ecstacy. Distillation at the wrong temperature, just a few degrees off, results in a total body paralysis drug. In the presented ca...

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