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  • ID Please
    Paul E. Verweij

    The fungal kingdom is characterized by significant biodiversity within genera and species. Several hundred of fungi have been described as cause of disease in humans. Abdulaziz and colleagues describe a case of invasive fungal disease that supports their plea for more research into polyene and azole combination therapy. In their case report the authors make assumptions that do not take into account the fungal biodiversity...

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  • Missing Clues for the Radiologist
    Amitav Banerjee

    This oversight indicates the shortcomings of present day medical training. The emphasis is on technology and newer diagnostics at the cost of patient centered clinical skills, which included detailed history taking. We are in danger of churning out technicians rather than doctors.

    This case report is a wake up call.

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  • Re:Missing clues for a radiologist
    Tushar Sahasrabudhe

    Many thanks for raising another important point here. The primary responsibility of making diagnosis of a patient lies with the clinician. The radiology is a modality that helps in reaching diagnosis. The clinician is expected to give a detailed note to the radiologist mentioning the case history, clinical findings and his probable diagnosis. This input is of utmost importance to a radiologist for concluding the radiolog...

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  • Missing clues for a radiologist
    David P. O'Keeffe

    The case report unfortunately reflects a common problem where the referring clinician omits to include relevant clinical information. "The chest radiogram was reported by a radiologist, who neither saw the patient personally nor enquired into the patient's history." might well be amended to read "the referring clinician omitted to mention the presence of multiple large cutaneous neurofibromata"

    Rubbish in-rubbish...

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