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  • Rest tremor due to hypoglycaemic injury?
    Halil Onder

    Title Page: Rest tremor due to hypoglycaemic injury? 1Halil Onder, 2 Javid Jahanroshan

    1Department of Neurology, Yozgat State Hospital, Yozgat, Turkey 2Department of Neurology, Hacettepe University Hospital, Turkey

    Corresponding author: Halil Onder Department of Neurology, Yozgat State Hospital, Yozgat, Turkey Post Code: 66000 Telephone number: 4442066 email: halilnder@yahoo.com

    Key words: Hypo...

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  • Re:Antenatal management of Cystic Pulmonary adenomatoid malformation
    Terry Cullen

    Dear Dr Kumar,

    Thank you for your letter.

    In relation to the points raised:

    1. Much of the evidence for successful use of steroids in CPAMs relates to microcystic lesions. In this case, the lesion was a large macrocystic CPAM. The case was discussed at an antenatal MDT, and the decision not to treat with steroids was reached.

    2. We thank you for your comment on measuring baseline and...

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  • Antenatal management of Cystic Pulmonary adenomatoid malformation
    Jogender Kumar

    We read case report by Cullen et al and found it very interesting. It was a successfully managed case however, I have certain queries regarding management in the index case.

    1. In a prenatally detected CPAM (previously known as CCAM) with hydrops detected prior to 32 weeks, there is a well-defined role of maternal steroids.(1) Even multiple courses of betamethasone can be tried. Whether it was thought off in inde...

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  • Rheumatic fever with chronic carditis: still prevalent in Germany
    Friedrich Flachsbart

    Dear Sir,

    1953 born I was never treated with antibiotics as child.

    1985 a post-streptococcal-myocarditis was diagnosed in the University -hospital Goettingen. Treatment with penicillin and oral penicillin- prophylaxis. Many episodes of respiratory infections, complicated by arrhythmias.

    2004 atrial fibrillation.

    2017, July 4., anticoagulation with heparin/coumarin changed the intra-a...

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  • A field level reality
    Sandeep Bhattacharya

    I am impressed by the straight forward write up with giving emphasis on practical aspects in field.

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  • Re:isolated gastric sarcoidosis
    Ronak V. Patel

    Dear Reader,

    Thank you for your comments and review of our case. You raise an interesting point regarding the connection between coniosis and sarcoidosis. Mineral particles were not originally commented on in our pathology samples, although the patient did not have characteristic occupational exposures.

    Best, Ronak V. Patel, MD

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    None de...

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  • isolated gastric sarcoidosis
    Roberto Calisti

    A very intriguing and well described case !

    I just think useful some further diagnostic qualification starting from the following description of the histological characterization of the disease.

    "Gastric biopsies revealed severe chronic active granulomatous gastritis (figure 3). Additional studies from her gastric biopsies,including gram stain, fungal stain and acid-fast stain, were negative."


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  • Case verification
    Ellie T. Le

    Hello, how recent is the case that's just been published about Anisakiasas? Is it recent?

    Do you have more details on the case I can read?

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  • cutis aplasia congenita and amniotic band syndrome
    Luis Umana

    I have read the phenotype description of a child with aplasia cutis congenita as well as transverse limb defects; although this association is not common it is the presentation of Adams Oliver syndrome [OMIM 100300]; in this condition both manifestations are present and often the limb defects resemble the damage caused by the amniotic band sequence. The identification is important as patients with Adams Oliver have an id...

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  • Query about site of metastasis
    ayush garg

    Hello Mam, I would gladly like to know that the site of metastasis was in the upper extremity or in the lower extremity? and if it was upper extremity then at what site?

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