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  • Subacute liver failure secondary to black cohosh leading to liver transplantation:
    Rolf Teschke

    Letter to the Editor

    Subacute liver failure secondary to black cohosh leading to liver transplantation: A challenging interpretation

    Rolf Teschke Department of Internal Medicine II, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Klinikum Hanau, Academic Teaching Hospital of the Medical Faculty of the Goethe University rankfurt/ Main, Germany

    Correspondence to: rolf.teschke@gmx.de


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  • The clitoral or female priapism is not caused from arousal, it is a more accurate term than persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) or Restless genital syndrome.
    Vincenzo Puppo

    In 2013 Gadit stated "A 54-year-old woman presented to a community- based psychiatric clinic with unique problem of persistent genital arousal disorder. ... this case has become a clinical challenge in terms of treatment" [1]. The clitoris is an external organ ("internal" clitoris does not exist) and has three erectile tissue parts, in the free part of the organ, is composed of the body and the glans located inside of the p...

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  • Drugs of Abuse including Newer Stimulants: the NPIS data.

    The potential value of NPIS data for surveillance has increasingly been recognised by official government bodies.1

    During the year 2011/12, the NPIS answered telephone enquiries relating to drugs of abuse, constituting 2.6% of the overall telephone workload. Over the same period there were accesses to drugs of abuse monographs on TOXBASE, representing 4.0% of the total TOXBASE activity. As with all NPIS activi...

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  • XDR-TB: The name is not enough!
    Abhishek Mewara

    Dear Sir,

    We read with interest the case report "Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis in a 7-year-old child with interferon-gamma and interleukin- 12 deficiency" by Kulkarni et al [1]. The reports of XDR-TB hold an important epidemiological implication and need to be defined accurately. We would like to clarify the definition used for extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) in the report.


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  • Use a felt tip pen and an alcohol pad to stain the skin prior to dermoscopy
    James G. Henderson

    I have found using a "Sharpie" marker over the site, then cleaning it off with an alcohol pad, (a method described in Habiff's Dermatology to stain burrows), makes the "delta wing pattern" which can be subtle, obvious. I use a usb polarizing dermatoscope and a laptop at bedside to diagnose and show the patient multiple linear aggregations of the delta patterns and find this method useful in my every day practice. The p...

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  • Wolff Parkinson White syndrom revealed during a laparoscopy
    Jean Michel Pinhas

    this is a very interesting case report. I just had the same 2 hours ago in the O.R! 60 y.o.lady, on L-thyroxin after a surgical thyroidectomy,she has no cardiac symptoms but described a short breath on exercise,( though she runs a farm) She was scheduled for a coelioscopy because of abdominal pain.She received for the induction: propofol 200mg, sufentanyl 15 mcg, atracurium 50 mg.She then received the usual analgesic regi...

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  • Malaria: Really?
    Alka Sharma

    It is surprising that the authors blame malaria for illness in this patient who presented with an acute febrile illness and confusion. To put it mildly, the diagnosis of Cerebral Malaria is questionable. The evidence the authors cite in support of diagnosis is weak: hyponatremia can occur in a myriad of conditions including any CNS infection, and that the patient responded to quinine is also questionable as the patient wa...

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  • Gliadin allergy manifested with chronic urticaria, headache and amenorrhea
    Ervin Mingomataj

    Gluten intolerance is an autoimmune enteropathy cased by heterogeneous mixture of wheat storage proteins. Malabsorption symptoms imply diarrhoea, abdominal pain/bloating, and weight loss. This case describes a 22 years old female subject, who suffered chronic headache, joint pain, urticaria, and long period of amenorrhea. Skin prick tests revealed a sensitization to ?-gliadin, while neurological, gynaecological, endocrin...

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    Sharen Rockefeller

    This is a prime example of a situation where it would be easy for someone to say "this isn't possible" but when you offer irrefutable proof, all one can say is "WOW!!"

    It's never too late to learn something new!

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  • Vitamin C ?
    Jayendra R Gohil

    Vitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding and swollen gums in an adolescent girl if she is a fussy eater. Diet history, x-ray and blood levels can exclude/ confirm Vitamin C deficiency.

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