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  • Re:The Risk of Probiotic Sepsis
    Alexandre Hertig

    Thank you for the opportunity to reply to the correspondant. Although we agree with him/her on one point, which is that there is no large, randomized study that would allow us to recommend the use of probiotics on a systematic basis in patients receiving a broad spectrum antibiotherapy, we would like to stress out that the majority of the cases reported here are from patients who developed a sepsis after being to probiotic...

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  • The Risk of Probiotic Sepsis
    Antoine Kass-Iliyya

    I read with interest this rare case report of ureteric obstruction secondary to fungal mycella.

    The authors concluded that antibiotics dramatically reduce the commensal flora, compromising the physiological balance that prevents the outgrowth of fungi and they recommended that probiotics should be considered to prevent this complication, which can be severe and life threatening in immunocompromised patients....

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  • The digital thoracic drainage could be a new tool for very selected ambulatory patients.
    Jose M Mier

    I have read with interest the paper by Jenkins et al on discharging a patient to home with a Thopaz drain thus avoiding a surgical procedure. I agree with the author on the benefits of digital thoracic drainage devices. The author does reference previous work by Cerfolio RJ and Brunelli A, in our experience (Mier JM, Molins L, Fibla JJ Cir Esp. 2010(6):385-9) in a prospective and comparative study we demonstrate the benefi...

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  • Re:lactation ketoacidosis-bmj case report
    Arthur J Henderson

    Ketoacidosis is a direct result of exteremly low cellular magnesium levels. Gluconeogenesis is impaired at Glucose6 Phosphatase G6-Pase. G6- Pase is very magnesium dependent so if magnesium levels are severely reduced blood glucose levels plummet starving neurons of energy. The neurons in the hypothalamus signal the gut get more in 'the hunger pangs in Obesity'. Pyruvate carboxylase is also very magnesium dependent and if...

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  • Interesting case report
    Antoine Kass-Iliyya

    I read with enjoyment your unusual case report of mucinous adenocarcinoma arising from a villous adenoma in the terminal ileum and invading the bladder.

    This case represents the importance of team collaboration i.e. urology and colorectal surgeons in complicated and rare cases.

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of small bowel tumours fistulae to the bladder? and how many similar case re...

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  • " Temporal lobe epilepsy-and Psychosis role of electroconvulsive therapy"
    Dr Osama Hammer MBBch.,MSc.,MRCPsych.,IAPA

    The nature and time course of temporal lobe abnormalities in psychotic illness remain notorious. Confounds include disease chronicity, demographic data, and handedness etc . Temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with a substantial risk of psychosis but there are only restricted studies investigating the underlying changes and causes. momentous grey and white matter deficits occur in temporal lobe epilepsy with psychosis....

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  • Interesting case report
    Mehrnaz Asadi Gharabaghi

    Dear authors

    I read your article thoroughly and in my opinion it was magnificent.For a while I worked in an emergency department of a referral university hospital where, I must admit ,I rarley thought about WE in the context out side of alcoholism,diabetes and malnutrition. When I read your report ,I learnt so many clinical hints.The patient's presentation,the way you manged her and the comprehensive and practic...

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  • Migration of Filshie Clips - Effects on Sterilisation Failure?
    Chai Eng Tan

    Dear Dr Wong,

    I read with interest your case report regarding migration of Filshie clips. I have come across a migrated Filshie clip as well while reviewing a lumbosacral radiograph done for a patient with prolapsed intervertebral disc. She had been asymptomatic and had not conceived since the sterilisation procedure. There have been quite a few case reports of such incidences in PubMed (eg Connolly D et all,...

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    Saroj K Mishra

    We read with interest the paper of Oliver Richard Waters, Tawfique Daneshmend, and Tarek Shirazi on "An incidental finding of a gastric foreign body 25 years after ingestion".

    It is quite interesting as well as surprising. We feel it may be the longest period that a pen sat idle and was detected so late.

    In addition, the pen was still OK !!!!

    We have an interesting case of FB in stomach and G...

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  • Thyroid tissue in in cervical lymph nodes
    Klaus J. Schmitz

    I read with interest the Case Report "Cervical lymphadenopathy: metastasis of papillary carcinoma or ectopic thyroid tissue?", since I as a pathologist recently faced a similar diagnostic situation with only minimal thyroid tissue (less than 1 mm of size) in a cervical lymph node (neck dissection due to squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck region).

    We classified the minimal amount of thyroid tissue as...

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