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A snotty nose: more than just a cold
  1. David Lim1,
  2. Robert Barker2,
  3. Karyn Maltby1,
  4. Elizabeth George1
  1. 1Paediatrics, Frimley Park Hospital, Camberley, UK
  2. 2Radiology, Frimley Park Hospital, Camberley, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr David Lim, davidlimbn{at}

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A healthy 3-year-old girl presented with a 5-day history of right-sided cheek and eye swelling and pain, associated with right-sided green nasal discharge. Examination revealed diffuse erythematous swelling around the right cheek, jawline and eye. Oral antibiotics for suspected periorbital cellulitis were ineffective. Blood inflammatory markers and ultrasound of her neck and parotid glands were normal. She was discharged as having viral parotitis. Antibiotics and nasal drops were later restarted for clinical sinusitis; however, she showed no improvement, now having 3 weeks of right-sided facial swelling …

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