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Paediatric ocular super glue injuries: assessment of two cases


In this report, we elaborate the clinical findings and the optimal management of two cases with ocular glue injuries in two paediatric patients. Both the patients were presented to the ocular emergency with completely closed eyelid and periocular erythema. The eyelids were completely closed due to matting of the eyelashes with glue retention up to lash roots. Thus, in both cases, after the application of local anaesthetic agent, immediate lash trimming was performed along with the removal of crystallised glue particles. However, the ocular surface showed only congestion in absence of any added corneal complications. Patients were followed up with standard treatment protocol as per chemical injuries. Until the end of 5 months, the clinical course was uneventful.

  • ophthalmology
  • medical education
  • paediatrics
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