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Splenic granulomas: a rare manifestation of Mycobacterium avium complex in an immunocompetent host


Infections caused by Mycobacteriumavium complex (MAC) are commonly seen in immunocompromised individuals. Though disseminated MAC infections with splenic granulomas are seen in some patients, MAC infection clinically manifesting as only splenic granulomas is rare. This presentation is even less common in immunocompetent individuals. We report a case of a young adult who presented with fever of unknown origin and was found to have multiple splenic granulomas. Fine needle aspiration cytology and PCR for Mycobacterium tuberculosis of the granulomas revealed a diagnosis of MAC infection. The patient was not found to have any immunodeficiency on investigations. This case is perhaps the first case of MAC clinically presenting as splenic granulomas in an immunocompetent individual.

  • TB and other respiratory infections
  • infectious diseases

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