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A rare case of cellular angiofibroma affecting the periurethral region in a 38-year-old woman


Cellular angiofibroma (CAF) is a rare, site-specific, benign mesenchymal tumour affecting both women and men in the genitourinary region. The tumour usually presents as a small, asymptomatic lesion involving the vulvovaginal regions in women and inguinoscrotal regions in men. We report the case of a 38-year-old woman presenting with a painless mass in the vulval region, especially on the right side of urethral meatus for 8 years with progressively increasing lower abdominal discomfort. A simple excision was performed. The diagnosis of CAF was confirmed histopathologically.

  • urinary and genital tract disorders
  • urological cancer
  • vulvovaginal disorders

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