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Hypertrophic pachymeningoencephalitis associated with temporal giant cell arteritis


We report the rare case of an 80-year-old male patient with hypertrophic pachymeningoencephalitis that may be associated with temporal arteritis. The patient presented to our neurological department with a 2-week history of latent paresis and ataxia affecting his right hand. He had been diagnosed with temporal arteritis 12 years earlier. Brain MRI showed an enhancement of the left-sided frontoparietal meninges with oedema of the adjacent tissue of the precentral and postcentral cortex. A leptomeningeal biopsy was performed. An autoimmune-mediated immunoglobulin G4-associated hypertrophic pachymeningoencephalitis was diagnosed. The patient received a high-dose corticosteroid therapy and his symptoms gradually improved. Our results suggest that hypertrophic pachymeningoencephalitis may occur as a complication of giant cell arteritis and may cause central neurological deficits by cerebral perifocal oedema.

  • cerebral palsy
  • vasculitis
  • pathology
  • neurosurgery

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