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Cloudy Cornea with Arcus Juvenilis in a Case of Dense Deposit Disease


A 25-year-old male patient presented with complaints of blurred vision in both eyes since 2 years. The patient was a known case of nephrotic syndrome with dyslipidaemia for which he was on diuretics and lipid-lowering agents for 3 years. On examination, his visual acuity was 6/9 in both eyes with cloudy cornea and arcus juvenilis. Fundus examination was within normal limits. On systemic work-up, his lipid profile was deranged with increased serum total cholesterol, very low density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein and triglyceride. The serum high density lipoprotein was decreased. Renal function test revealed elevated serum creatinine with significant proteinuria. Renal biopsy was suggestive of dense deposit disease on immunofluorescence and transmission electron microscopy. Ocular manifestation of dense deposit disease is characterised by retinal drusen, pigmentary atrophy, choroidal neovascular membrane and atypical serous retinopathy. To the best of our knowledge, anterior segment changes in dense deposit disease has not been reported. This is the first case reporting cloudy cornea with arcus juvenilis in a case of dense deposit disease.

  • macula
  • ophthalmology
  • retina

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