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Medically managed coronary artery aneurysm without concomitant stenosis


Coronary artery aneurysms (CAAs) are relatively rare with an incidence varying from 1.4% to 5.3% of patients undergoing coronary angiography. Studies suggest that management of CAA can be guided by the absence or presence of significant coronary artery stenosis, with most concluding that CAA associated with stenosis of ≥70% should be managed surgically or with percutaneous intervention. However, given the paucity of cases described in the literature and lack of randomised control trials, no consensus exists on the natural history, prognosis or management of CAAs without significant concomitant stenosis. We present a case of medically managed atherosclerotic CAA without significant stenosis that was found to no longer be present on coronary angiography performed 11 years after initial diagnosis.

  • interventional cardiology
  • cardiovascular medicine

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