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Stuck guidewire due to soft tissue imposition: a rare complication of central line catheter placement


Central venous catheter (CVC) placement is a commonly done procedure but is associated with a few complications, and guidewire-related complications are one of them. In our case after induction of general anaesthesia, we planned to insert a CVC in the right internal jugular vein under ultrasound guidance. After the insertion of the introducer needle, when we tried to insert the guidewire, it got stuck and was neither moving forward nor in a backward direction. Too much force was not applied to remove the guidewire as it might have caused shearing of the guidewire and further complicated the picture. This problem was solved by simultaneous withdrawal of guidewire along with the needle, and on examination we found soft tissue debris lodged within the lumen which was preventing the guidewire movement in both directions. So, it is suggested that guidewire should be removed along with needle as a single unit if it is required.

  • anaesthesia
  • intensive care
  • neuroanaesthesia

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