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Horseshoe kidney with unilateral single ectopic ureter


The horseshoe kidney (HSK) is not an uncommon entity with an incidence of about 1 in 400 or 0.25% of the general population. It is also more commonly found in men as compared with women in a ratio of 2:1.An increased association of genitourinary anomalies have been found with HSK.Duplication of ureters occurs in 10% of HSKs. However, the association of HSK with single-system ectopic ureter is extremely rare. To our knowledge, no case with similar presentation has been reported in literature. Most cases of HSK with bilateral single ectopic ureters have been described. The aim of this report is to highlight the radiological and surgical findings in a case of HSK with unilateral single ectopic ureter.

  • urological surgery
  • urinary tract infections

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