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Gorlin-Goltz syndrome: first reported case of bullae in the lungs complicated with tension pneumothorax


A 13-year-old girl was referred by her general practitioner with acute worsening exertional dyspnoea and sudden onset of left-sided chest pain. There was no associated trauma, palpitations or syncope. Clinical examination revealed that the left lung was hyper-resonant on percussion with reduced air entry on auscultation. Chest X-ray showed a left tension pneumothorax. She was treated conservatively with chest drain. Follow-up X-ray revealed multiple bullae within her left lung. Unfortunately, she redeveloped a pneumothorax and was sent to a tertiary centre. She was under the care of the paediatric cardiothoracic surgeons who organised a CT thorax and performed a lobectomy to remove the bullae. She was discharged from the tertiary centre and currently being followed up under the care of the paediatrician in the district general hospital. She have not developed any further pneumothoraxes.

  • emergency medicine
  • paediatrics
  • genetics
  • respiratory medicine
  • cardiothoracic surgery

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