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Pulmonary arteriovenous fistula complicated by venous thromboembolism and paradoxical cerebral infarction during early pregnancy
  1. Hiroshi Tajima,
  2. Hajime Kasai,
  3. Toshihiko Sugiura,
  4. Koichiro Tatsumi
  1. Department of Respirology, Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University, Chiba, Japan
  1. Correspondence to Dr Hajime Kasai, daikasai6075{at}


A 39-year-old Japanese woman was diagnosed with a pulmonary arteriovenous fistula (PAVF) complicated by paradoxical cerebral infarction during pregnancy. She received an inferior vena cava filter (IVCF), but it was difficult to indwell because of the risk of repeat thromboembolism via PAVF. Therefore, we temporarily occluded the pulmonary artery with a balloon to prevent free thrombi from reaching the IVCF. Detection and treatment of PAVF are recommended in fertile young women. Obstruction of the pulmonary artery trunk with a balloon catheter may be useful during IVCF removal in patients with untreated PAVF.

  • pulmonary embolism
  • medical management
  • interventional radiology
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  • Contributors HT is the guarantor of this manuscript and contributed to the design, data interpretation, writing and reviewing of the entire manuscript. HK contributed to clinical analysis and reviewing of the entire manuscript. TS contributed to clinical care of the patient and data analysis. KT contributed to clinical care of the patient.

  • Competing interests None declared.

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