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Correction: A 74-year-old woman with dyspnoea and a mass in the right atrium

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Rijlaarsdam MA, van Boven WJ, Planken RN, et al. A 74-year-old woman with dyspnoea and a mass in the right atrium. BMJ Case Reports 2018; doi:10.1136/bcr-2017-222261.

In the published paper, the correct figure 4 should have been:

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Furthermore, the acknowledgement section was missing; it should have been as follows:

The authors would like to thank our colleagues in the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam (NL) for their support in describing the clinical course and the various diagnostic modalities/images: W.E.M. Kok MD PhD (department of cardiology), S.M. Boekholdt MD PhD (department of cardiology), R. Britstra MD PhD (department of Pathology) and A.H.G. Driessen MD PhD (department of cardio-thoracic surgery). We thank our colleagues from the Rode Kruis Hospital, Beverwijk (NL) for providing details about the initial presentation and management of this patient (M.A.C. Koole MD & R. Kist MPA).

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