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Transfemoral thrombectomy in the cavernous sinus and superior ophthalmic vein
  1. Justin Bauer,
  2. Kartik Kansagra,
  3. Kuo H Chao,
  4. Lei Feng
  1. Department of Neurointerventional Radiology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Kartik Kansagra, kartik.kansagra{at}


Cavernous sinus thrombosis (CST) is a rare condition that can cause death, neurologic disability, and visual loss. A pre-teen with septic CST leading to ocular hypertension and acute visual loss was treated at our institution with thrombectomy and thrombolysis of the cavernous sinuses and superior ophthalmic veins. Successful recanalization of the bilateral cavernous sinuses and superior ophthalmic veins was achieved in two separate procedures without complication. The patient showed immediate symptomatic relief. He was neurologically intact without visual deficits at the 2 month follow-up. This is the first report in the literature showing the feasibility of cavernous sinus thrombectomy using current devices and techniques. Early endovascular therapy may help preserve vision in patients with acute CST.

  • vein
  • thrombectomy
  • thrombolysis
  • intervention
  • infection

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