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Paediatric Salter-Harris type IV injury of distal tibia with talus fracture


Fracture of talus with Salter-Harris injury of the distal end of tibia is a rare injury in paediatric age group. The authors report a case of a 13-year-old male child who sustained type IV Salter-Harris injury to the medial malleolus with coronal spilt along with spilt and depressed fracture of the neck of talus and fracture of the lateral process of talus with stable compression fracture of spine sustained due to fall from 6 meters height. CT scan delineated the morphology of fracture pattern and helped in preoperative planning. Talar articular fracture was reduced and fixed arthroscopically while distal tibial fracture was fixed under image intensifier. We observed favourable outcome following arthroscopic reduction at 4-year follow-up.

  • orthopaedics
  • sports and exercise medicine
  • orthopaedic and trauma surgery
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