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Metastatic meningioma: a rare cause of mediastinal lymphadenopathy.
  1. Hannah Louise Bond1,
  2. Emma Maeve O’Hare2,
  3. James Elliot Garvican2,
  4. Fiona Grace Minear1
  1. 1Department of Oncology, RCHT, Truro, UK
  2. 2Department of Histopathology, RCHT, Truro, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Hannah Louise Bond,{at}

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A 69-year-old man with known, stable atypical meningioma of the brain diagnosed 5 years previously presented with severe shortness of breath. The patient had previously been treated with surgery and radiotherapy to the brain. Chest X-ray revealed bulky mediastinal lymphadenopathy (figure 1). CT (figure 2) confirmed mediastinal and upper abdominal lymphadenopathy in addition to multiple pulmonary emboli. The patient underwent an endoscopic ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration (EUS-FNA), an established technique that enables prompt cytological sampling and assessment.1

Figure 1

Chest X-ray.

Figure 2

Contrast-enhanced CT image showing …

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