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Maxillary chondrosarcoma mimicking torus palatinus
  1. Marina Brimioulle,
  2. Philippe Frederick Bowles,
  3. Andrew Pelser
  1. ENT Department, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Marina Brimioulle, marina.brimioulle{at}

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An 88-year-old man was referred to the head and neck surgery clinic for investigation of a painless hard palate lesion. The mass had been present for several months and was identified incidentally by the general practitioner. There were no oral or sinonasal symptoms. On examination, a 3×2 cm hard palatal swelling, covered by normal mucosa and resembling a torus palatinus was identified (figure 1). Flexible nasal endoscopy revealed the tumour to involve the floor of the nasal cavity bilaterally, displacing the inferior nasal turbinates. Examination …

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