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Orthodontic braces come back to bite: a novel presentation of a small bowel volvulus
  1. Talia Shepherd,
  2. Adrian Teo,
  3. Richard Naunton-Morgan
  1. Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, General Surgery, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia
  1. Correspondence to Dr Talia Shepherd, talia.shepherd{at}

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A previously well 30-year-old woman re-presented to the emergency department complaining of worsening central abdominal pain initially colicky at first presentation 2 days earlier. She was tachycardic at 105 and other vital signs were normal. Her abdomen was peritonitic. At initial presentation, she was thought to have biliary colic, even though ultrasound and hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scans were normal. She did not have plain abdominal films. …

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