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Cyclopia: isolated and with agnathia–otocephaly complex


Cyclopia is a rare form of lethal holoprosencephaly (HPE) due to incomplete cleavage of prosencephalon during embryogenesis, leading to failure of the orbits of the eye to divide into two cavities. We report two cases, one with cyclopia and another case of cyclopia with agnathia–otocephaly complex (AOC). AOC (also known as agnathia–microstomia–synotia syndrome) is a rare lethal congenital malformation of the first branchial arch characterised by the association of agnathia (agenesis of mandible) or mandibular hypoplasia, melotia (anteromedial malposition of ears), microstomia (small mouth), aglossia or microglossia (absent or rudimentary tongue). These two reported cases had in common a single eye and alobar HPE. The first case was live born and the second stillborn. Both mothers did not have antenatal care.

  • genetic screening / counselling
  • mouth
  • neuroopthalmology
  • congenital disorders

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