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Social considerations of inflammatory bowel disease in Southern Israel


Chronic diseases pose unique social challenges beyond traditional health considerations that require specific attention. In this report, we examine the case of a middle-aged woman with ulcerative colitis, living in Southern Israel. Trust between the patient and physician is shown to positively influence a variety of therapeutic outcomes and should be considered a fundamental component of successful care. In context of the military conflict between Israel and Gaza, the needs of patients with chronic diseases cannot be forgotten. The work environment is also identified as an area of particular concern, as a supportive work environment is essential in order to maintain satisfaction in the workplace and sustain a high quality of life. Out-of-pocket costs for medications are confirmed to be a significant barrier to adherence. Better understanding of patients’ financial capabilities, along with affordable therapeutic interventions, will alleviate healthcare-related financial burdens and improve health outcomes.

  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • General Practice / Family Medicine
  • Medical Management
  • Medical Consequences Of Conflict

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