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Incidental discovery of a large complicated arteriovenous haemangioma


Arteriovenous haemangiomas within the chest are rare and uncommonly documented. After a 60-year-old woman with a history of smoking underwent a routine chest X-ray revealing a right apical mass, further investigations led to the discovery of a large extrapulmonary arteriovenous haemangioma in the superior mediastinum. Additionally, this case became complicated when the hemangioma was found to not only be compressing adjacent major arteries and veins, but also invading into the spinal canal and displacing the spinal cord. With multidisciplinary planning, the arteriovenous haemangioma was embolised and successfully resected. Thus, we present a case of an arteriovenous haemangioma in the superior mediastinum and discuss the importance of the case.

  • pathology
  • interventional radiology
  • respiratory medicine
  • oncology
  • vascular surgery

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