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Novel sleep management method in a toddler displaying fear and trauma: the Boss of My Sleep Book
  1. Sarah Blunden
  1. CQ University, Appleton Institute, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sarah Blunden, s.blunden{at}


Sleep problems in toddlers occur in ∼40% of children and increase the likelihood of postnatal depression. Most sleep training in toddlers requires contact with a trained professional, and requires a parent to ignore their child's cries, causing distress to many children and parents, increasing attrition and leaving families untreated and at risk. This case study reports success in significantly ameliorating sleep reluctance and bedtime fears in a sleep disturbed toddler with a history of trauma. It uses a novel use of bedtime behaviour management with some positive reinforcement techniques, called the Boss of My Sleep book: a non-cry, online (thus readily and cheaply available without a trained professional) sleep intervention. The system was successful immediately and was sustained after 6 months. The Boss of My Sleep book shows promise as a sleep intervention in toddlers, particularly for those parents who do not want to use cry intensive methods.

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