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Multimodality approach in the diagnosis and management of bilateral giant juvenile breast fibroadenoma


Juvenile giant fibroadenoma is a very rare breast disease affecting young girls of premenarche and adolescent ages. It is a benign fibroepithelial tumour characterised by stromal and epithelial proliferation that causes rapidly growing breast mass. Bilateral symmetrical involvement is extremely rare. In this article, we describe this entity in a girl aged 13 years who presented with bilateral gigantically enlarged breasts. Ultrasonography and MRI showed large, multilobulated masses involving both breasts entirely. Endovascular embolisation of bilateral internal mammary arteries and lateral thoracic arteries supplying the masses was performed prior to surgery to reduce their vascularity. The patient subsequently underwent excision of bilateral breast masses and reduction mammoplasty. Histopathologically, bilateral breast masses were confirmed to be juvenile fibroadenomas.

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